The Laundry POD is simple & efficient to use.


Place The Laundry POD on
a stable surface.

Make sure the drain valve on the side
of The Laundry POD is set to

Unlatch the lid on top of
The Laundry POD.

Half fill The Laundry POD with water.
Add a small amount of detergent
(about 1/5 of what you would normally use).

Place up to 10 garments into
The Laundry POD. Lock lid and
let it soak a few minutes.

Turn the handle slowly for 1-2 minutes for agitation.


Open the door on the side of The Laundry POD and aim the hose into a bathtub, sink, or water basin. Drain the soapy water by turning the knob on the side of the POD.

Watch the water exiting the hose. When the water stops turn the handle quickly to spin the clothes. Do This until the water flow stops.

Close the drain valve.

Remove the lid and fill The Laundry POD with fresh water until the clothes are sumberged.

Lock lid in place and turn handle for a minute or two for rinsing.

Open the drain valve and drain the water through the hose.


Hang the garments on a clothes line or drying rack to dry completely.