Schools, Marinas, Camp Sites, Military Bases, etc.

Academic Institutions, Athletic Facilities, Marinas, Extended-Stay Hotels, Senior Living Facilities, Military Bases, Camp Sites or just about any other location where laundry is processed… The Laundry POD answers the on-going need for doing laundry in any location. It provides a unique way to wash small or in-between loads faster and more hygienically.

In your institution

This program provides a convenient way for students, athletes, residents, guests—or just about anyone else—to clean their clothes without a traditional, full-sized washing machine. When your institution or commercial venue outfits multiple areas with The Laundry POD we offer a special logo imprint in select company, organization, or college/university colors.

Sell through program

The Laundry POD has an attractive "sell through" program. This allows you to offer students, residents, members of the military, or guests the opportunity to purchase the product directly through your institution, organization or business.


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